Introducing the Great Lakes Timber Scribe

This timber scribe has been designed and manufactured by a professional surveyor. The original has been in use for more than 20 years and now is being offered to others in the surveying profession. We are proud to state this product is 100% made in the USA. It features a double edged cutting blade that forms a 5/8″ radius for right or left hand curved letter and number cuts as well as an additional cutting edge for straight lines.

There is no need for allen wrench adjustments to modify the tool to make these cuts as other scribes require. The steel cutter has been mildly tempered to maintain an edge while allowing for easy sharpening with a 5/32″ chain saw file. A bright red resin handle was chosen if you drop it in the field. A more perfectly balanced, easy to maintain and well designed scribe can not be found in production anywhere. It is shipped to you in a sturdy belt looped leather holster, strongly stitched and riveted to last a life time just like the scribe it carries.

Pat Leemon demonstrating the scribe

Unfortunately, the practice of scribing bearings trees has become somewhat of a lost art. With the advent of precise measurement techniques, it’s easy to think scribing is no longer as important as it once was. Uniquely marking a bearing tree provides the best opportunity of that tree being conclusively identified in future resurveys.

As well stated in the Manual of Surveying Instructions:

The surveyor cannot perform any more important service than that of establishing permanent and accurate evidence of the location of the corners in his survey…

The finding of original scribe marks, line-tree hacks, and off-line tree blazes, furnishes the most convincing identification that can be desired.

This jack pine, scribed fifty years ago, still bears the marks left by a surveyor that put forth the extra effort to properly perpetuate his work.

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